Spencer Gray

We only have 1 life to live and we should live life to the max. This is how I see life and so long as my physical condition permits, I always love to challenge myself to subdue new heights. I need you to be clear on this. When I talk about new peaks, I am not referring to the height of the corporate ladder. It never come across to me to see myself as top executive in big organizations. What I refer to as peaks and boundaries are fresh challenges and remote places that most ordinary folks will rather not pursue. 

While it is always fun to try out new things, my biggest love in life is scuba diving and I dedicate large proportion of my time on it rather than other things. Other than scuba diving, I occasionally embark on deep sea fishing, kite flying and well, bungee jumping. There are two reasons why I enjoy physical activities as such. First, it allows me to overcome the fear within and uncover my personal limit. Getting close to Mother Nature allows me to recognize the magnificent creations from the Creator and this is the other rationale why I love going for physically demanding kind of activities. I have conquered many mountains but the peak of Mt Everest remains one of my unaccomplished goal. I've witnessed some of the most beautiful corals in the world but my ultimate wish is to go to what many describe as possibly the the last remaining paradise on earth, Raja Ampat. 

You only recognize how important it is to carry a good set of gears once you have been out on the wild often enough. You have to see what activity you like to be involved in and the equipment that you require are likely to be different except for one thing. Regardless of the type of activity, every adventure lover will require a watch that can survive through bumps and drops. A watch that is catered towards mountain climbing can be very useful for your expedition trip as this kind of watch are usually equipped with sensors to provide important navigational info. When you are out fishing on the open sea, a perfect watch is one that can be your great assistant in supplying essential information such as moon tide graph. 

I enjoy talking about watches but not merely any kind of watch. I only talk about tough watches as they are the only ones that can be useful for my lifestyle. I happen to collect a number of watches that are produced only in small quantity globally. I don't mind trading these watches but the value has to meet the bar that I've set. If you are serious about trading, drop me a line and I may reply you with my small list of collection.

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